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  • How do I pay the remaining balance?
    After the session is when the remainder is paid if there is a remaining balance. All credit cards accepted. Zelle, Venmo & cash are preferable.
  • Is there anything I need to do after my session?
    Try to schedule at a time when you can relax afterwards. Headache, soreness and fatigue are natural side effects of the body's recovery process and are not uncommon after receiving a massage. Symptoms usually subside within two days following the session. Look up Post-Massage Soreness & Malaise for more information. It is best not to be extremely active for 24 hours after. If you have a sports event or high intensity training, schedule massage afterwards. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol as it is dehydrating. Eat clean and healthy to help your body heal.
  • Do you offer couples massage?
    Couples massages are not available at Shanti Spa. I recommend checking out Athena Spa at Ayres Hotel, which specializes in couples massage.
  • Hygiene Protocol
    Therapists hands and feet are washed prior to each massage. Linens are thoroughly washed and cleaned after every session. If you are feeling unwell prior to your session please reach out to me ASAP to reschedule and I will also contact you if I am not feeling well.
  • How should I prepare for my session?
    In the 12 hours leading up to your appointment, drink more water to decrease the likelihood of soreness after your session. Avoid alcohol and caffeine the day of & snack lightly if hungry before start time. Large meals are best to be avoided right before a massage.
  • Do you offer deep tissue massage?
    Ashiatsu is a deep pressure barefoot technique which is very smooth and relaxing for the whole body without the pain associated with deep tissue massage. The pressure can be adjusted depending on your needs. In Swedish massage I use my hands and arms and can deliver firm pressure but it's not generally considered deep tissue. Swedish massage is recommended for those who prefer the standard spa relaxation massage, not deep tissue.
  • Are gift certificates available?
    Yes, gift certificates are custom-made, can be mailed to you or the recipient or picked up in person. Gift certificates may be ordered by contacting Anna at 949-329-8385
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    No. A 50% deposit is required to reserve an appointment (nonrefundable within 24 hours of appointment). This is done through my online booking page and this way I do not have access to clients personal payment information. Remainder is paid after session. For last minute availability, text or call 949-329-8385 an hour or two in advance of your preferred time (not 10-15 minutes before). In this case you would pay in full after the session. You will then complete the client intake form prior to arrival.

It is the responsibility of the client to inform the massage therapist of any discomfort during the session. Clients have the right to end the massage at any point. Please communicate if you are hot or cold on the table so that adjustments can be made.

Please note: Guests who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or exhibiting inappropriate behavior are not permitted. Massage therapists have the right to end the session for any reason and at any time with full payment of service. 

Thank you for respecting this healing environment.

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